Contact Lenses and Makeup

If you wear contact lenses, you know that you have to be careful about what kinds of makeup you use. The wrong mascara or eye pencil can flake and irritate your eyes or get under your contacts. The question is, should I insert my contacts before or after I apply my makeup? The answer is to insert your contacts then apply your makeup. Getting makeup in your eye is annoying, but it's even worse with contacts because it can stick to the lenses instead of flushing right out.

Here are some tips to keep your eyes healthy and feeling good:

1. Put your contacts on before applying makeup, and always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your contacts. Use soap that will remove any lotions and debris from your hands. Concentrate on your fingertips. Sometimes if the makeup you are using takes makeup remover to remove, you may need to use that on your hands as well. Our optical soap is great for contact lens wearers.

2. It is not a good idea to use waterproof mascara or oil based foundation because it takes an oil to remove it. Oil based products can get in your eyes and in turn will coat your contact lenses.

3. Use only non-allergenic, water-based makeup.

4. Cream eye shadow is less likely to get in your eyes than powder. If you prefer powder, keep your eyes closed during application and brush off any excess.

5. Never apply eyeliner between your lashes and your eye.

6. Replace your eye makeup frequently--at least every three months. Over time bacteria will get into the product and then into your eyes.

7. Remove your contact lenses before removing your makeup. Remove your mascara and eyeliner completely.